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Criminal Law & Property Law in Staten Island, New York

Courtroom - Criminal Law in Staten Island, NY
The Law Firm of Duskin & Crowe also provides legal services for criminal law and property law in Staten Island, New York.

Landlord Tenant

We represent landlords and tenants in personalized legal representation for both commercial and residential landlord and tenant proceedings. Our attorneys will also negotiate and litigate commercial and residential leases for our clients as well.

Traffic Court & Criminal Court Matters

The Law Firm of Duskin & Crowe represents our clients in traffic court and criminal court matters. We also handle all types of criminal laws including petty larceny, petty crimes, assault, battery, DWI, suspended license, and all other matters pertaining to the criminal court.

Real Estate Transactions

We offer the service of real estate transactions by representing both buyers and sellers in residential and commercial property transactions. This service includes refinancing loans, mortgages, and more. We alleviate your stress by negotiating the contract, and finalizing the transaction for you.
Count on our experienced real estate attorneys to negotiate your commercial and residential real estate transactions in Staten Island, New York.